B. 1988
Based in Toronto, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

2017        300 Cones, Roadside Attractions (ceramic installation)

2016        300 Nubs, the Window Box, Gallery 1313 (ceramic installation)
                Rebirth, the Window Box, Gallery 1313 (ceramic installation)

2015        Feminism UTSC, Gallery 1265 at UTSC - Part of the UFT Feminist Conference (painting)
                Rebirth, the Magic Vending Machine of Fate (ceramic multiples)

2012        Military Paintings, Toronto Public Library, Fairview Branch (painting)

2011        Order and Chaos, My Mothers Basement, Online Gallery (painting)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017       Narrative Lines, OCAD U Continuing Studies Gallery (painting)
               Nasty Women NYC, the Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY (painting, charity)
               Parting Lines, OCAD U Continuing Studies Gallery     (sculpture)
               Birth and its Meaning, Milk Glass Gallery- Ryerson U Midwifery Conference (painting)
               Coastal Eddy a Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
               Made You Look, Toronto

2016       We are all Precious Snowflakes 2, Yellow House Gallery (painting)
               OCAD U Pop-Up Shop, Yorkville Village (ceramic sculpture)
               Earth, Sea and Sky, OCAD U Continuing Studies Gallery (ceramic sculpture)
               A Home for Renewal, 627 Richmond Street (ceramic installation)
               10 Cones, the Artists Newsstand, AGO First Thursday (ceramic sculpture)
               10 Cones, the Artists Newsstand, Chester Station (ceramic sculpture)
               No Subject for Rainbow Railroad, Gladstone Hotel (painting, charity)
               Coastal Eddy a Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
               Made You Look, Toronto

2015        We are all Precious Snowflakes, Yellow House Gallery (painting)
                Robin's Endless Summer Bash, Coastal Eddy a Gallery (ceramic sculpture) 
                Pour Some Sugar on Me, Coastal Eddy a Gallery, Laguna Beach (ceramic sculpture)
                Studio Works by Art Battle Painters Part 1, #Hashtag Gallery (painting)
                Nepal Earthquake Art Auction, the Other White House (painting, charity)
                Under $200 Art Show & Fundraiser for Girls Art League, Fountain (painting)

2014         Garage Sale Group Show, Robert Kananaj Gallery (painting/sculpture)

2013         NURTUREart Benefit, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, Manhattan (painting, charity)
                 RKG Second Anniversary Show, Robert Kananaj Gallery (painting/sculpture)
                 Group Show, Robert Kananaj Gallery (painting/sculpture)

2012         RKG First Anniversary Show, Robert Kananaj Gallery (painting/sculpture)    

2011         Eclectic Selective, Chuck Akudu Gallery (painting)
                Curry's charity for dystopia (painting)

2010        Royal Canadian Military Institute Silent Auction (painting, charity)
                Retrospective Show, OCAD University (drawing)  

    The Art of the Figure, OCAD University (painting)

Selected Publication    

2017       Average Art Magazine 14, UK (print, painting)
               All-Women Artists, Emboss Magazine (print, painting)
               Average Art Magazine 12, UK (print, painting)
               Community.Resilience.Empowerment, Bloom Magazine (print, painting)
               Whimsical Bridal Fashion Feature, Elegant Wedding Magazine (online, jewellery)
               Birth and its Meaning Promotional Material and Catalogue (print, painting)
               Must See Shows - 300 Cones, Now Magazine

2016       Toronto's Finest Specialists, Elegant Wedding Magazine (print, jewellery)
               Vibrance, Emboss Magazine (print, painting) 

2015        Nightmares, Sci-Fi and Dreamscapes, Art Katalyst Magazine (print, painting)    
                Aboveground Featured Artist for January (online interview)

2012         The Proof - Karen Grosman, Toronto is Awesome (online interview)
                 Karen Grosman's Meat Collection, Zouch Magazine (online, painting)
                 Branch Magazine, Issue 9 (online, painting) 

2011          Leaf Garden Press, volume 11 (print, painting)

2010         The Image Interviews Karen Grosman, the Image Interviews (online interview) 
                 Earth Pulse Magazine, Inaugural Edition (print, painting) 

2009        Leaf Garden Press, Volume 1 (print, painting)


2014-2017    Ceramics Represented by Coastal Eddy a Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2016-2017    Jewellery Represented by Made You Look, Toronto, ON
2012-2014    Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto, ON


Corporate Office of Tenenbaum and Solomon Law Firm
Robert Kananaj Gallery
Private: New York, London, Laguna Beach, Maspeth, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico, Denmark


2006-2010         BFA OCAD University - Major: Drawing and Painting, Minor: Art History