This collection of Memento Mori and Vanita paintings use butterflies, meat, skulls and flowers as symbols of death, decay, the body and the afterlife.

In "Memento Mori" the flowers represent life, skeleton death and the gold leaf is a signifier of wealth and what will be left behind.

The butterfly signifies hope and the fragility of life, insects are decay and meat is the body and wealth.

I am interested in historical and contemporary visual representations of death and the afterlife. Questions include; how do different societies and religious sects deal with the concept of death and the after life, does the after life have a place in the organization of certain societies and if not what takes its place? How do these ideas work into contemporary society with science and technology?

I think the Memento Mori subject matter is as relevant today and will continue to have meaning in contemporary society. I think it is important to remember to value life and make the most of our time and reminders of death help us do that.