Memento Mori Paintings

This collection of memento mori and vanitas use the symbolism of butterflies, meat, skulls and flowers to signify death, decay, the body and the afterlife.

Flowers represent life, the skeleton and skulls signify death, the gold leaf is a signifier of wealth and what will be left behind. The butterfly signifies hope and the fragility of life, insects are decay and meat is the body and wealth.

I am interested in death as a subject matter because it is a reminder of the fragility of life.

Ceramic Sculptures

The ceramic sculptures are a combination of the beautiful and the ugly. I am interested in combining highly decorated objects with abject elements. Glossy pieces, with bone like bisque details. They explore ideas of superficiality, hidden meanings, the façade and the abject.

The pieces question how, within society, the ugly can be hidden by beautiful glossy imagery, propaganda, parades, children's books and other methods of brainwashing or influencing, methods which have been used throughout history. 

The Rebirth installation is meant to be a symbol of hope that whatever form of oppression a society, culture, individual or nationality is going through they can survive and strive.

The clay pieces are earthenware; either fired at cone 05 bisque or fired to cone 6 ceramic. With a combination of under glaze and glaze, I am interested in contrasting materials, matte to glossy surfaces, and bisque to ceramic. White and Black clay is used in combination and individually. All the pieces are hand built and painted.

The paintings, ceramics and objects all influence each other and allow me to think in different ways, bringing new energy to each medium. This process allows me the creative freedom I need in my studio.